Here's what our DYNASTY members have to say!


"Sofia and Lucia absolutely loved every part of the day. Nicole & Cara are both amazing and made the day so much fun for the girls!"

- Kacee


"My boys absolutely loved the day and couldn’t wait to show me when they had learnt when they got home."

- Nicole


"Zara and Flynn both really enjoyed their time at the DYNASTY holiday camp. They had so many favourite parts of the day and enjoyed meeting new friends. Thank you for a well organised day."

- Melissa


"My 5 yo loved the school holiday camp. The teachers were welcoming and encouraging and there was a great variety of activities on the day."

- Sarah


Was very excited to share what they had learnt and was excited to perform at the end of the day. They were very proud to have learnt so much in such a short time. They enjoyed making new friends & had a very positive experience. The teachers were lovely and very approachable.

- Kathleen